Community and Farm Forestry

This programmes focus on research that will enhance planting of trees/shrubs in woodlots or ToF for the supply of fuelwood, poles as well as provision of other services like soil conservation and environment at large.

Research Activities

Research activities under this programme include:

  • Conduct species and provenance trials of various trees/shrubs for AF and woodlots in various ecological zones and farming systems and end uses;
  • Undertake biological evaluation of various AF technologies for various end uses in sets of ecological zones and farming systems;
  • Undertake selection, propagation, domestication, management and processing of high-value indigenous fruit and medicinal trees;
  • Assess and provide/develop management techniques/guidelines for woodlots and ToF;
  • Determine the carbon sequestration potential of AF systems and woodlots;
  • Assess the vulnerability and adaptation of AF systems and woodlots to climate variability and change; and
  • Study tree and AF products value chains and marketing of products and services.