Forestry Utilization


The Directorate of Forest Utilisation Research (DFUR) is responsible in carrying out research in forest utilisation and operations. Directorate has six organisational units/departments which are Forest operations, Non-timber forest products, Timber engineering, Wood structure, Wood energy, Wood chemistry and Forest products development and Marketing.

Forest operation department its responsibility is to undertake harvesting/Environmental Impact Assessment to reduce timber and economic losses as well as environmental degradation resulting from unsuitable harvesting practices and also produce timber harvesting guidelines

Non Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) department responsible for conducting research on popularisation and development of drying, processing, packaging, storage and marketing of (NTFPs)

Timber engineering department deal with research on wood industries’ processing techniques, physical and mechanics/strength properties of wood, seasoning of wood, test sawing pattern of wood and wood working properties (Nailing, planning, mortising and joinery work)

Wood structure department is responsible for examining anatomical properties of wood, testing natural durability of wood.

Wood chemistry department is responsible for carrying out studies on durability of treated and untreated wood, testing movement of wood in different relative humidity and research on chemical compositions of wood especially fibre length and thickness

Wood energy department is responsible for carrying out research on charcoal quality from different tree species and transferring of improved technology on charcoal production, improved cooking stoves

Forest products development and marketing department is responsible for conducting studies on marketing potential of lesser utilized trees species and research on forest product markets chains and current status of wood products supply in Tanzania. DFUR emphasize on fostering networking and collaboration with partners involved in forest operation and utilization research and development.