Forestry Utilization


The Directorate of Forest Utilization Research (DFUR) is one of the four Directorates in the Tanzania Forestry Research Institute (TAFORI). The Directorate is responsible for carrying out research in forest utilisation and operations aspects in the country. The Directorate has six organisational Sections/Units namely: Wood Structure, Timber Engineering, Forest Operations, Wood Energy, Wood Chemistry, Forest Products Development and Marketing.

The Wood Structure Section is responsible for examining anatomical features and properties of wood, as well as testing the natural durability of wood. The Section deals with all research that focuses on distinguishing wood in terms of its cell formation.

The Timber Engineering Section deals with research on wood industries’ processing techniques, physical and mechanics/strength properties of wood, seasoning of wood, test sawing pattern of wood and wood working properties (Nailing, planning, mortising and joinery works)

The Forest Operation Section is responsible for research that ensures forest operations are done sustainably without causing harm to the environment. The Section deals with undertaking research on Environmental Impact Assessment in order to reduce timber and economic losses as well as environmental degradation resulting from unsuitable harvesting practices. Other research carried out under this Section include those related to forest products harvesting and transportation.

The Wood Energy Section is responsible for carrying out research on domestic biomass energy for cooking and heating in the country. Specifically, the following are some of the research carried out under Wood Energy Section: charcoal quality from different biomass materials; improved technology of charcoal production and utilisation. Other research include dissemination of fast growing trees/plants for biomass energy production to communities.

The Wood Chemistry Section is responsible for carrying out research on chemical contents in the plants/trees based on the three-dimensional biopolymer composite of wood i.e. the interconnected network of cellulose, hemicelluloses, and lignin with minor amounts of extractives and inorganics. Other research carried out by the Section is all aspects of chemical contents analysis in the trees for different uses like herbal plants for various remedies. Also plants for food like fruits, vegetable and mushrooms.

The Forest Products Development and Marketing Section is responsible for conducting research on the marketing potential of forest products including timber, biomass wood energy, medicinal plants, fruits, mushrooms and wild vegetables. The Section is responsible for the research to enhance forest value chains development in the country. The Section also, emphasizes on fostering networking and collaboration with partners involved in the forest products value chain development.