Plantation Forestry and Tree Improvement

Research in this programme aims at development and management of suitable tree species for forest plantations and enhancing tree improvement for sustainable production of germplasm.

Research Activities

Research activities under this programme include:

  • Screen genetically improved material available locally, and from neighbouring countries for use in plantations and development of seed orchards;
  • Evaluate the impact of silvicultural practices on the productivity of successive rotations;
  • Search for new plantation tree species with emphasis on indigenous species;
  • Monitor and evaluate forest health with respect to insect pests, pathogens, invasives and fire;
  • Determine the carbon sequestration potential of different tree species in plantations;
  • Determine management standards for new tree species in plantations;
  • Establish and evaluate mixed species plantations; and
  • Assess effects of forest plantations on water resources, biodiversity and soil health